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As of July 22, 2023

Our investment focus territory is any firms/entrepreneurs yet exclusive for Babson College grads/students or teams.

Candidates for investment will be referred by the official Babson College club "BAC (Babson Acceleration Club)".
"BAC" is a MBA student run organization to accelerate entrepreneur ecosystem among Babson community through leading several events such as start-ups pitch events and angel investors connections. Click here for details

Our investment evaluation is based on the "entrepreneurial spirit" in addition to business potential and social impact.

PetPax Co. (Invested in 2023)

#Food #DtoC #Pet #SocialGood

PetPax co. is a DtoC brand that develops Zen Melts, a "human edible" stress-relieving supplement for pets.

COVID-19 has made us spend more time at home, and families with pets naturally spend more time with them. The environment change accelerates anxiety for pets, that is why PetPax has developed a product with natural ingredients for pets that can be eaten by humans as a solution to this problem.


Zen Melts has received FDA approval and is currently being pre-sold mainly in the Boston area.

Barn Owl Technologies (Invested in 2023)

#Agritech #IT #SocialGood

Barn Owl Technologies is an agri-tech company that improves farm yields by using special devices and data analysis to identify pests and areas on the farm and efficiently control them.


The highest priority of any farm operation is crop production efficiency, and pests are the biggest enemy that can hinder it. Barn Owl Technologies' devices and data analytics provide a reliable and effective solution to this challenge.


Barn Owl Technologies is currently working with companies around the East Coast of the U.S. to prove the effectiveness of our products.

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