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​"Entrepreneurship" impacts on society

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Drive the penetration of "entrepreneurship",
leading the meaningful changes in society.

Have you ever experienced "Turning point" or "Life change momentum" on your career ?

It probably will happen when the working environment is changed, you meet new people, you fail or succeed a project, you face the drastic change of company growth etc..

For us, one of the "turning point" was the encounter with "entrepreneurship" education in Boston.

Entrepreneurship mindset is not the feeling of starting a business

It is a way of thinking, "Even if you don't know the future, take action first."

Better things in every aspect of your life, not just your business, but your community activities and family interactions. It is important to enrich.

How can B-SEEDs spread this idea through business rather than education?

It is a company that started from the student's hypothesis that students can take the initiative in creating the movement .

By making many people aware of the importance and versatility of "entrepreneurship"

It plays a role in promoting social change.


Thank you for your inquiry!

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