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​Angel investment business

An angel investment business that invests in entrepreneurs from Babson College in the United States at the Pre-SEEDs stage (business idea stage, prototype development stage, sales of 100,000 yen or less).

The investment area covers a wide range from social impact to IT, and in collaboration with the Babson College MBA official club BAC in the United States, we are building a unique funnel from holding pitch events to investing consideration.

Click here for a list of investment performance companies

Click here for BAC information

​US East Coast Market Research

Japanese graduate students on the east coast of the United States, especially in the Boston area I Researchers I Professors I Utilizing the network of professionals to solve the problems of Japanese companies. mainly

  • Industry market research  (Examples: ecosystem, investment trends, etc.)

  • Visit to Boston (entrepreneurial tour mainly centered on university institutions)

  • Advisor introduction (eg interview setup with a university professor)

Image by Austin Distel

​Web media BOSTON SEEDs management

* Scheduled to launch in March 2022

Established with the purpose of "delivering the live voice of Boston". Generate articles from the perspectives of desk search, expert interviews, conference attendance, and expert contributions, and deliver them to Japanese people.


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